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Firstly happy Easter everyone I’ve just got back from the forest for the annual Easter egg hurt. About 50 of us go out each year and we have a big Easter egg hunt. The kids love and so do the adults but not sure if it the kids or adults that love it the most. Everyone gets an egg at the end so everyone is happy.

Right let’s get down to the point so you’ve written a brilliant article and someone starts giving you criticism or constructive criticism. This in turn may make you feel sad, upset and as though what you’ve done has been a waste of your time, but really it’s not so bad. Most times the person who has given the criticism is just trying to give you advice in the form of constructive criticism.

So here some step’s  to help you to deal with criticism



    • Don’t get upset or angry , Read or listen to the criticism. You will know if it is constructive criticism or jealousy by the way a person comes across and how the criticism is worded
    • Decide if the advice given is worth the effort for your next piece of work. Sometimes you might be able to use that criticism in some way to improve your next piece or even base your next piece of work on.
    • Decide if the criticism is helpful. If the person hasn’t given any good advice at all, for example, “That was terrible, the presentation is horrible and it is all wrong”, then you know that they are not being constructive in their feedback.
    • If someone gives good advice, accept it. For example, “I know what you are saying but have you checked your spelling and grammar”, they are being constructive and it is a good idea to take note. Maybe you will heed this advice next time. And send them an email to say thank you.
    • Think all criticism through. Use the advice and remember people that constructive criticism can inspire you to go a long way and take  you to the places you want to go .

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